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Because It’s Like Bali in the 1960s

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The Taktsang Buddhist monastery, a.k.a. Tiger’s Nest, in Paro, Bhutan.TONI NEUBAUER

There are a handful of places with the right combination of intense natural beauty and cultural heritage to make them lodestars for Western seekers of physical and spiritual well-being. If Bali has been loved almost too much, the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has been focused, since it opened to the outside world in 1974, on providing high-end tourism at volume low enough to protect its culture and environment. But there’s change afoot. A new arrival terminal at Paro International Airport makes the journey less daunting, roads are being improved, and by mid-2019 the selection of wellness-focused luxury hotels will approach Bali’s. In addition to Aman and COMO–pioneers here–independent five-star retreats are opening, among them Bhutan Spirit Sanc­tuary, which employs Bhutanese doctors who serve as “well-being guides.” Six Senses will debut a circuit of five lodges in Paro, Thimphu,Punakha, Gangtey, and Bumthang, each with its own spa. By the end of 2019, adventure specialist and ­Beyond will have opened two camps as it expands out of Africa.

TO BOOK: Antonia Neubauer will help you match your interests with local possibilities, such as participating in a Bhutanese archery match or meditating with a Buddhist master. TONI@MYTHSANDMOUNTAINS.COM. (J.M.)

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