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Costa Rica

Because It’s a Little Bit Like Africa a Lot Closer to Home

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The pool and wet bar at adults-only Nayara Springs, in Arenal Volcano National Park.MILES PHOTOGRAPHY

There seemed nothing new under the sun in Costa Rica,with its pura vida vibe, epic surf spots, and rainforests. But that was before Ofer Ketter, an adventure specialist and former first lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Forces, and Felipe Artinano, an expert free diver and surfer, launched Origen Escapes,which offers trips that dramatically showcase the country’s undiscovered wild places. With access to CostaRica’s only hydroplane (and even a submarine), Origen will take you to untouched spots like the Venice of the Tropics, a wildlife-rich patch on the Caribbean coast; give you exclusive access to class III and IV rapids on one of the country’s wildest rivers; or let you swim with thousands of spinner dolphins.

The country’s newest lodging option has also been reimagined in the style of Africa’s luxe safari camps. Family- friendly Nayara Resort Spa & Gardens and its adults-only neighbor, Nayara Springs, in Arenal Volcano National Park, will open a third sister property in fall 2019, Nayara Tented Camp, on a hillside surrounded by jungle. Its 18 canvas-sided cabins have plunge pools fed by natural hot springs. You can lounge on a daybed and admire the view of one of the youngest active volcanoes in Central America, or scan the guarumo trees for monkeys and the elusive sloth. No jeep required.

TO BOOK: Diego Blanco excels in multi-gen itineraries from ages 5 to 80, DBLANCO@COSTARICAEXPEDITIONS.COM. Go to Ofer Ketter for high-octane adventures, OFER@ORIGENESCAPES.COM. (J.M.)

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