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Chiseled by glaciers into a vast multi-faceted gemstone, Norway’s craggy coastline, with its soaring fjords and snowcapped peaks, reaches all the way up to the Arctic Circle. The country is awash in oil money—and all the optimism it brings. Thoroughly modern Oslo has world class restaurants and hotels, but most of Norway’s delights lie outside the cities, with unique small hotels and converted farmsteads that give visitors a taste of the country’s uncommon hospitality—which, together with the scenery and outdoor pursuits (a Norwegian specialty)—will fix whatever ails you.

A sampler: In the western Sunnfjord region, known for its waterfalls, fishing, and kayaking, Amot Country Villa & Opera Farm is a sublimely renovated farmstead where traditional music and inventive cuisine feature prominently. Surrounded by the fjords of the Aurland region, 29/2 Aurland is owned by a young couple who have transformed this former farm into a sanctuary for foodies and nature lovers alike. There’s fly fishing and fjord skiing, but you can content yourself by simply strolling from one towering waterfall to another. For an Arctic adventure, there’s Manshausen Island Resort or Lyngen Lodge, an eight-room property with dramatic mountain and sea views and its own boat for whale watching and ferrying hikers, bikers, and skiers to parts (almost) unknown.

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